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Thin Air

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Thin Air was our inaugural exhibition.

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Bringing together leading international artists in the field of New Media Art, the exhibition takes the form of an immersive journey through the cavernous spaces of our former warehouse. Using light, sound, artificial intelligence and responsive technologies, a series of installations provoke visitors to question the invisible forces that shape our lives.

Featuring work by contemporary artists including, James Clar, Robert Henke, with Rosa Menkman, Matthew Schreiber, S E T U P and UCLA Arts Conditional Studio.

We are now open until June 4.

We welcome all guests to join us and experience art at the boundaries of light, sound and space.

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Thin Air: Opening March 17

Experience art at the boundaries of light, sound and space at the Beams


Thin Air: Extended Progamme

We are pleased to announce that the first two Fridays of Thin Air will host curated panel discussions after hours, with some of our globally renowned exhibiting artists and special guests.

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