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Impure Functions

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UCLA Arts Conditional Studio in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London: Impure


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As a continual augmentation of the expanding itinerary at Thin Air, weekends on the first-floor of the gallery will harbour selected digital artist-technologists as they modify and extend the ‘Impure Functions’ artwork initially forged by UCLA Arts Conditional Studio. Grouping their interventions under the title ‘Delta Functions’, the work’s newest pilots from Goldsmiths University will be hosting collective acts of durational and responsive hacking, re-imagining the original artwork through a series of Micro Residencies. Recasting this installation as a fluid, immersive studio space, residents will be live coding, sharing their new modules and presenting a series of performative interventions in response to the iterative nature of ‘Impure Functions’.

Unveiling, revealing and demonstrating in real-time the process of making creative, computationally-vitalised work, the artists will bring their backgrounds in 3D graphics, sound, sculpture, light and programming to the fore, on-hand to reveal the intricacies of their experimental process and technical strategy. Actively tracking both their entwined and individual creative practices external to The Beams, residents have also been workshopping a performative showcase to be exhibited within the final two weeks of Thin Air, ending on 4th June 2023.

27-29 May is focused on live hacking and resident collaboration. 3-4 June is an activation of the space and work showcase with a more performative character.

Follow their progress @gold.thinair 

Resident artists: Samuele Albani, Francesco Angelini, Maria Gracia Cebrecos, Daisy Chiu, Arjan Guerrero, Lily Has, Beiqing (Eva) Jiang, Valerie Keck, Devon Kennedy, Robin Leverton, Yiying (Jade) Lin, Owen Planchart, Xinde Ren, David Rollinson, Thomas Rosser, Mary Tallontire, Nate Townsend.

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