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Final weeks of Thin Air

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We are now approaching our final weeks of Thin Air, the response has been outstanding so thank you to those of you who have already joined us. If you’ve not yet joined us, don't miss your opportunity to experience the seven spaces of the Beams transformed by globally renowned artists and collectives.

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‘Really cool’
Jamz Supernova, BBC Radio 6 Music

‘The most exciting new exhibition to hit London’
Secret London

‘A must see’
It’s Nice That

‘Hands down the coolest thing I have ever seen’
London Live

‘Envelops your senses in a way that you may have never experienced before’
BBC Radio London

‘A must visit’
The Nudge

‘A realisation of what technology can do when given such a large-scale space to work with’
Culture Whisperer 

Inspired by radical culture, digital artist Robert Henke works with algorithmically generated images, laser installations and early personal computer hardware. A co-creator of the cult music software Ableton Live, Henke has redefined the way we create and experience electronic music. In Phosphor, focused rays of ultraviolet light paint temporary landscapes on a layer of phosphorous dust. The installation changes its behaviour and visual appearance during the exhibition period.

Likewise, the collaborative studio S E T U P has its roots in the music industry, having worked with artists including Skrillex and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. For Thin Air, their installation is built from a complex lighting architecture, which creates ever-shifting boundaries in light and shadow. A comment on the increasing polarisation of our world, the changing environments expose the unreality of the borders and differences that separate us.

Can you just let yourself be? The installation “3.24” by the artist collective is designed to unlock emotions and encourage introspection. Built from over 440 individual light elements and multiple speakers, this installation is a true synaesthetic enabler. Forget about the rest of the world and focus on how you feel in the space.

James Clar uses waves of light to create an environment that stimulates creativity and meditation. Light travels down the corridor at 100 Hz per second, which is a wavelength of just under 3 metres. As you pass through the light, your viewing distance is obscured, sliced into even sections. This creates a visual mantra: a repeated series of waves, which wash over you in increasing amplitude.

The Seoul-based duo Kimchi and Chips have created a light and sound piece developed in collaboration with Dutch artist and researcher Rosa Menkman. Using new material technology and glitch theory, they create a moment of suspended belief at the heart of the exhibition, which opens your imagination at the same time as your senses. The art encourages you to discover a new kind of vision.

The final space of Thin Air is inhabited by Matthew Schreiber‘s Banshee 2023, a light sculpture built from hundreds of lasers. As the space is intersected with light, geometric patterns create structures that shift as viewers move within the sculpture. Schreiber is a multi-disciplinary artist best known for his large-scale laser light sculptures. Visitors are often invited to enter the environments he creates, and interact physically with his work.

UCLA Arts Conditional Studio in collaboration with Goldsmiths University students presents Impure Functions, a dynamic visual index of code. Cycling between a series of interactive experiences, the work explores the potential of code through light, sound and software. Module 1 is a portrait studio, which invites viewers to take their picture. Images from a live camera are filtered through a set of visual algorithms to create unique portraits. Module 2 invites you to speak, sing, and yell into a microphone, and see the sound converted into mesmeric visuals using audio analysis, speech recognition, and fractals.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience art at the boundaries of light, sound and space.

Open until June 4.


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