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Launching Bentley Batur at the Beams

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We welcomed Bentley at the Beams in November for the launch of the new Bentley Batur, a fully customisable car designed by one of the world’s most exciting designers.

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The most powerful Bentley ever built, just eighteen examples of the car will be made for select clients, but it heralds a much larger shift for the British car giant. The Batur introduces a new design aesthetic that will lead the brand’s mission to become fully electric.

The Batur found a perfect home at the Beams. Producer Jae5 was invited to present the launch on TikTok, with a newly commissioned track. The videos used the full lighting capabilities of the venue, with a coloured light show transforming the warehouse into a futuristic, pulsing environment. In one of the videos, we see how the car transforms in character from day to night, the first shot lit from the steel factory windows, and the second in darkness, bathed in red light. In another we watch the Batur drive across the concrete floors, highlighting both the smooth drive and the engineering power behind the wheel. The collaboration between the heritage carmakers and Jae5 exemplified the impact and flexibility of the Beams as a centre for new culture.